Equestrian, cycling and hiking trail with open gallery.
Project author: Srdjan Stanisic


GRUZA PATH – project of the Equestrian-Cycling Section of Kovionica Cultural Park, started in 2014. Phase one – Tracing and marking of the track was completed in May 2017. Gruza Path is a 47-km long giking, walking and biking trail and an interactive open air gallery. The beginning of the path is in the village of Kultovo (Kovionica Cultural Park, 404 MAMSL), which is located 17 km west of Kragujevac and 23 km from Gordnji Milanovac; The route passes through the following villages: Kutlovo, Bare, Kamenica (the City of Kragujevac); Vracevsnica, Lipovac, Prnjavor(Municipality of Gordji Milanovac); Knezevac, Bare, Kikojevac (Municipality of Knic); The trail runs along the slopes of Mt. Rudnik. The lowest point of the track is at Maragerece Brdo (280 MAMSL); The highest point is at Erica Brdo (801 MAMSL); The trail’s farthest point (relative to the starting point in Kutlovo) is the monastery of Vracevsnica, which also marks the beggining of the 65km-long Transversal of the Second Serbian Uprising.

The Augment Reality technology instalments within the Gruža Open Air Gallery were done courtesy of KODEK Institute from Belgrade. For the purpose of good practice, CP Kovionica has signed Agreements of Cooperation with the Equestrian Academy of Switzerland and the Mountain Biking Club Copenhagen from Denmark.

KP Kovionica has been granted premission to trace and mark the Gruza Path by the City of Kragujevac, Municiplity of Knic, Municipality of Gornji Milanovac, as well as Public Companies such as Srbijavode and Srbijasume

The track was marked by the licensed members of the Mountaineering Association Žeželj from Kragujevac. In 2017, a group of riders from Switzerland, Germany and Hungary passed through the Gruža Path, which is part of the 3500-kilometre route from Greece to Germany.